The following is my personal account of how I became toxic from gradual chlorine exposure and how I overcame it.


When my oldest daughter joined the swim club in 2012, she practiced three times each week for one hour.  I would sit in the stands and eagerly watch her improve her strokes and skills.


During the second week, I noticed I was wheezing as we were walking back to the car after a practice.  I started drinking water while in the natatorium and that helped.  However, over the next 2 months came worsening and more frequent headaches, bodyaches, sleeplessness, loss of appetite, mood swings, constant coughing, drainage, etc.


I couldn't believe how bad I felt and acted.  The most frustrating part was not being able to figure any of it out.  I had to cry out to God.  I thanked Him for bringing the cause of all this to my understanding.  I believed He gave me the answer and I just had to listen to get it.  At that point, I wondered why I spent so much time trying to do this on my own instead of going to Him first.  Lesson RE-learned!


Normally, working out would help me get over whatever was ailing me.  It was my "tried and true" method for killing sickness but it didn't work this time.  The more active I was, the worse I felt.  I took almost two full weeks off from the gym thinking I'd just overtrained for too long.  Still no joy.



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Turns out Vitamin C is used by the medical industry to de-chlorinate water for dialysis patients.  The U.S. government uses it to de-chlorinate lab samples.  Even fish farmers use Vitamin C tablets to remove chlorine since even a little will kill the fish.  I thought, "If this is so effective and widely used, why haven't I ever heard of it?".  Don't know and don't care.


A couple of websites mentioned spraying yourself with Vitamin C powder dissolved in water and then rinsing off in the shower.  There was only one site that suggested an amount of the vitamin in proportion to water but I kind of went on my own.  Eventually, I tried some of mine on my daughter immediately after a swim meet before she hit the showers.  No chlorine smell on her at all.  Plus, her hair and skin were soft and smooth but most importantly...NO CHLORINE!  Even the next morning, her room didn't reek of that chemical!


I still wasn't feeling great at this point.  I thought if it worked so well on the outside of the body, maybe it would work well from the inside.  I started drinking 2.5 grams of Vitamin C dissolved in my daily water intake so roughly 10 grams total.  I put powdered organic greens in my morning smoothie but continued to take my usual multi-vitamin.  My wife diffused a purifying essential oil blend in the air and rubbed some blue oil on my feet and upper back.  In 3 days, I felt like 10 million bucks!  I haven't felt this great in a very long time.


I'm so excited and grateful to share these awesome products with you.  Even if you're not struggling with chlorine or other toxic chemical, I'm confident these will help you gain energy and remove toxins you don't know you have in you.






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Then, it started to happen.  My beautiful wife said I smelled like the pool the next evening.  I'd get done with some pull-ups at the gym and my workout partner would ask if I swam before working out.  I hadn't been to a swim practice for over a week!  Finally, the thought I asked God for came to my mind.  My body wasn't getting all the chlorine out fast enough or well enough.


I started thinking about it and Vitamin C kept stirring in the back of my mind.  I verified in my nutrition books and several sites online that Vitamin C does a great job neutralizing chlorine.  Holy smokes!  Is this real?  A vitamin can beat up on a chemical like that so easily?  Sure enough!  I'm living proof.

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This website is in no way meant as advice to treat or diagnose any disease, illness or sickness. See a physician if you need medical care and consult with them before making any health decision.

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