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Though I understand the concept behind aromatherapy, along with their ancient and traditional uses, it's something I didn't think would ever be part of my personal wellness program.  I guess much of these things happen when you're desperate and willing to try anything!  I'm so glad I did.


I recently went to see another Natural Health Practitioner since my old ways weren't working as well as they had previously.  I had done a thorough self-examination but felt I needed another experienced set of eyes in case I'd missed something.  Turns out I did miss something.  It's an area of my life I've always "put up with" rather than controlled.  My NHP performed an iridology exam (detailed look at the eye and how it corresponds to different parts of the body and its body systems).  She revealed to me that I had stress rings 4 layers deep.  I'm not sure if there's a "normal" level but it got my attention.  My stress levels were affecting my body...or was it that my body was so out of sorts that it was stressing me out?  Good question but I really didn't care about the answer.  I just wanted to be well again.


On the hour and a half drive home, I finally had some information to consider.  The thought occurred to me that, yes, I have much stress in my life but I can beat it, not just manage it.  However, I had no idea where to start.  When I got home, I talked to my wife about the findings at the NHP visit.  She suggested essential oils in two ways:  diffused into the air and massaged on the bottoms of my feet.  I told her I don't want to do that girly stuff.  Her response was, "If you want to feel better, you'll at least give it a try."  The wonderful reality of that statement made me put my manly ego aside.



I sat down in our old glider rocking chair (you know, the kind that was popular 10 years ago) while she picked out a special oil blend and put it in an ultrasonic diffuser nearby.  Both my daughters wanted me to feel better too so they were extra quiet.  All I did was sit in that chair and breathe that relaxing scent for an hour.  It made a positive difference.  I wasn't near where I wanted to be but it helped so I was convinced to let my wife advise me (a holistic health practitioner myself) on how to incorporate essential oils into my "get healthy again" quest.


I read what she calls a "quite informative book" on essential oils, oil blends and their uses, histories and chemical make-up.  She's right.  It's an informative book.  We picked a couple of different oils to try out over the next couple of days.  I found they not only helped decrease my stress levels but one in particular helped me breathe better.  This is the oil blend I used to help detoxify my body of chlorine (see the  CHLORINE DETOX page HERE).  I almost didn't want to believe it.  I tried it again the next night and the same thing happened.  Much less burning in my chest and deeper breaths without pain.


There are many companies that sell essential oils but I would advise against purchasing solely on price.  Do some serious research on these businesses, their operating policies, extraction methods, purity and customer support.  My wife chose doTerra for top scores in all these areas and I share that in my personal and professional opinion.  They have a superb support system.


This is normally where I tell you to email me if you find something better but I don't want random, ranting emails.  Support your claims with actual personal experience and cases with various companies.  I will glady hear you out if you present your case in this fashion.  I urge you to visit our store using the link below and begin researching.  You at least owe that much to make an informed decision.


If you have a company you love and trust for essential oils, stick with them!  All I want out of all this is for you to be healthy, or healthier.  Maybe you've never heard of essential oils or haven't considered their multiple uses as part of your new, healthy lifestyle.  Please, even if it does nothing to improve your situation you'll at least have the knowledge that you tried and instead of regret from not trying.








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This website is in no way meant as advice to treat or diagnose any disease, illness or sickness. See a physician if you need medical care and consult with them before making any health decision.

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